Infinity Tree Two-Piece (Traditional)

$362.00 CAD

Infinity Tree of Life by Humdinger Designs.

With roots that twine and strengthen our future, branches of dreams we weave together......Infinite is our love, happiness our forever.

This handmade Infinity Tree of Life is a perfect gift for any occasion, and a unique and meaningful piece of art to enhance your own space. It  has the combined significance of a traditional tree of life, with the added elements of the Infinity knot. It is meant to symbolize family, marriage, wisdom, spiritual growth and how all of life's important elements are rooted and knotted together.

The tree is cut from 5052 aluminum or cold rolled steel, hand painted, and each leaf hand formed to give every tree a unique look.  The background piece is made of 5052 aluminum, and is hand polished.  Both pieces are finished with a premium clear sealer to ensure long lasting beauty.  The background provides outstanding contrast for the tree in the foreground and comes complete with incorporated 1" stand-off for easy wall mount.  

One or more hasps may be added to this tree for use in a Love Lock ceremony. The hasps provide a convenient place to attach the locks used in the ceremony. Please select the total number of hasps required from the drop down box. The first hasp is usually placed in the top center of tree trunk for use by the wedding couple. More hasps can be added to the roots (usually representing parents) and to the branches (usually representing children) as required. Please tell us in the notes field of your order where you want the hasps placed.

Please Note:  All of our trees are built with a standard wall mounting bracket/spacer and arrive ready to install.  Hasps have nothing to do with wall attachment - they are for attaching a love lock for use in a love lock ceremony.  If there is any confusion, please contact us prior to ordering.

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