Elephant Metal Art Wall Decor (Stainless Steel)

$179.00 CAD

Elephant in Stainless Steel by Humdinger Designs.

This majestic giant is cut from T-304 Stainless Steel which is then polished by hand.  The details are hand ground into the freshly polished stainless and heat is applied to add color.   Stainless Steel is a very robust material, it will not rust or corrode, and does not require any coatings. 

The Elephant's frame features stand-offs with an incorporated mounting bracket for secure and easy wall attachment.  As with all of our heat colored products:  The more light that hits these pieces, the nicer they look.

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Here's a short video which gives some idea of how light and perspective work with our stainless steel pieces.


Elephant_Stainless_Humdinger_Designs from Humdinger Designs on Vimeo.