Sale Items

We are cleaning up the shop and have some pieces that we originally made for photography.

We will be offering them discounted at a minimum of 25% off on a FCFS basis.

The pieces on offer will be limited to the stock we have on hand (usually this means only one will be available at the sale price).

The sale pieces are READY TO SHIP SAME DAY and no codes are required.

Sale price is shown clearly on the product page.
Infinity Tree (Green Pearl)
From $187.00 CAD $250.00 CAD

1 review
Infinity Tree Traditional
From $213.00 CAD $282.00 CAD
Gecko Metal Art
From $60.00 CAD $80.00 CAD
Snowflake Metal Wall Art
From $93.00 CAD $125.00 CAD

1 review
Sperm Whale
From $72.00 CAD $99.00 CAD
Maple Leaf
From $127.00 CAD $178.00 CAD

1 review
Ventura Ocean Scene (Heated Steel)
$297.00 CAD $403.00 CAD

1 review
Ballerina - Dancer
From $97.00 CAD $142.00 CAD
Infinity Tree (Metallixa)
From $187.00 CAD $250.00 CAD
Always With You (Heated)
From $167.00 CAD $221.00 CAD