Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to Humdinger Designs' most frequently asked questions.


Question:  Why should I buy from Humdinger Designs?

Answer:  We strive to make the highest quality, most original metal artwork on the planet.  We only work with premium materials and endeavor every day to exceed all of our customer's expectations.  You don't have to take our word for it.  Please visit our Reviews Page on Etsy to see what some of our customers have to say.   

Question:  I live in the United States, are there any additional costs?

Answer:  No.  You will NOT be charged any taxes or fees of any type.  Once you have completed our checkout/payment process you are done.  Your item(s) will be delivered to the address you provide free and clear.

Question:  I live in Europe, will there be any additional costs?

Answer:  Most likely yes.  Shipments OUTSIDE of the USA, Canada, and Australia may incur brokerage and/or tax/duty charges, we have no control over these charges, they are imposed by your government.

Question:  Do you ship to Australia?

Answer:  Yes!  Shipments to Australia will be delivered by UPS Worldwide Expedited.  There will not be any additional charges once our checkout is complete.

Question:  How long does it take to process and ship my order?

Answer:  We ship all orders within 5 business days.  Most orders only take 1-3 business days. 

 Question:  How long does shipping take (time in transit)?

Answer:  We ship with UPS whenever possible.  UPS ground shipments take 3-9 business days to deliver in North America.  We offer UPS Expedited as an upgrade, this option usually takes 4 business days.  Most shipments outside of North America will ship with UPS Worldwide Expedited and take 5-9 business days.

Question:  What is a Hasp?  Do I want/need to order optional Hasps?

Answer:  Unless you are planning a wedding, you probably don't want to order optional Hasps.  A hasp is a small bracket that protrudes from the front side of the Tree and provides an attachment point for a Love Lock which is placed on the hasp during a Love Lock Wedding Ceremony.  We do not supply the locks, just the hasps.  Here's a picture of a Love Lock Tree in action at a customers wedding.



Question:  Will this product look good in my space?

 Answer:  As with any artwork on any medium, appropriate lighting is required to achieve the best possible appearance of our pieces.  In particular, any of our pieces that are colored with heat will require some light (natural or artificial) to display properly and show off the many beautiful tones achieved with this process.  All of our photos are taken in bright daylight.  Please also consider your wall color when choosing a piece from our shop.  Some contrast is usually desirable (light colors on dark walls and visa versa).  We do have the multi-layer pieces available which can be very useful to provide a break between the artwork and your wall color.  If you have any questions/concerns please contact us prior to ordering.

Question:  How do you hang the Octopus?

Answer:  If you are installing the Octopus indoors, you can hang it with as little as one #8 or #10 screw holding the mounting bracket on the head so long as the screw is into something substantial such as a wall stud our suitable anchor. We test hang them in this way. A second screw or nail could be added on the other brackets to adjust the angle to your preference.

If mounting outdoors, you will use the same process, however you may want to use all of the mounting brackets to mitigate wind issues.

Either way, we recommend installing the screw for the head mounting bracket first and then hanging by said screw and marking the other locations as needed.

Question:  Can I put these outside?

Everything on our site can be installed outdoors if desired. We do not recommend the heated steel pieces for areas with very high humidity (Florida and similar). Our aluminum and/or painted products provide the best longevity for installation in harsh conditions.  Aluminum does not rust and the clear sealer we use contains the maximum UV protection available.  We can make almost all of our products out of aluminum. The item descriptions indicate which materials can be used on each particular product.

Question:  Why don't you put coatings on the Stainless Steel Pieces?

We have tried every type of clear coating available on Stainless Steel and the result is always the same. The coatings always dull the gorgeous colors that we are able to achieve with this premium material. We only use T-304 Stainless which is very durable and we have not had reports of any issues pertaining to the lack of coatings.