Sea Turtle (Two Piece featuring Pure Copper)

$267.00 CAD

Sea Turtle Metal Wall Art by Humdinger Designs.

This peaceful fellow is cut from two types of metal. The front layer is pure Copper which we polish and detail grind by hand before applying the heat coloring. The back layer is 5052 Aluminum which we coat with a durable dark metallic finish which contrasts beautifully with the copper.

The Copper has has intentionally been left unsealed (no coatings) so that it will patina naturally over time, giving the piece a life of it's own. The amount and type of patina will depend on the environment.

The Sea Turtle features double stand-offs and a built-in mounting bracket on the back side. The background is raised from the wall by about 3/4" and the foreground is further elevated by another 3/4".

Humdinger Designs - Pure Copper - Two Layer - Sea Turtle from Humdinger Designs on Vimeo.