Ventura Ocean Scene (Heated Steel)

$197.00 CAD

Ventura Scene in Heated Steel by Humdinger Designs.

This gorgeous ocean scene is cut from cold rolled steel.

After cutting, we prep and polish the cutout shape before applying detailed grinding elements by hand.

Next we use intense heat (think flamethrower) applied manually and skillfully to add the incredible coloration seen. There is no colored paint on this whatsoever. The colors are all produced with heat alone.

Finally, we apply several coats of the most premium clear sealer to ensure long lasting beauty.

Note: All pictures and videos shown here were taken with ideal lighting conditions. If displayed in less than ideal conditions, the colors will be perceived darker and more subdued. These pictures were taken with a regular mobile phone, no filters or any other  touch ups have been applied.

We ship these ready to install with built-in mounting brackets and stand-offs which space it away from the wall approximately one inch.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality

I love the tree of life that I have!
It is heavy, solid and the attention to detail is very impressive.
You won’t go wrong with any of their products. Highly recommend!