Manta Ray - Metal Wall Art - Unique Flowing Dynamic

$327.00 CAD

Manta Ray by Humdinger Designs.

The Manta Ray is one of the largest and most intelligent animals in the ocean. They have a wing span of up to 23 ft or 7 meters and can weigh up to 2 tonnes. They're incredible!!

We've done our best to capture some of their beauty in our wall decor.

Stainless Steel - We make these out of T304 Stainless Steel. This piece features extensive hand detail grinding and is colored only with heat (think flamethrower). There is no paint or coatings whatsoever on this piece. The only ingredients are Stainless Steel, Imagination, and hard work.

Ocean Blend - We make these out of 5052 Aluminum. Each piece is individually hand painted and sealed with a premium protective clear coat that contains the maximum UV protection available.

We ship these ready to install with built-in mounting brackets and stand-offs which space it away from the wall approximately 1".