Elephant Metal Art Wall Decor

$238.00 CAD

Elephant by Humdinger Designs.

We cut this majestic, completely original, and unique design from Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, or Pure Copper.  Each material has a specific appeal.

We meticulously hand polish and detail grind each Elephant so that every piece is unique.

Cold Rolled Steel - Finished with several coats of a premium sealer to ensure long lasting beauty.  ***All photos of this item were taken in sufficient lighting conditions.  Colors will appear more subdued in less than ideal conditions or lower light levels.***

Stainless Steel - This version is made from T304 Stainless Steel and colored only with heat.  This version has no paints or coatings.

Pure Copper - These are cut from Pure Copper sheet and have intentionally been left unsealed (no coatings) so that they will patina naturally over time, giving each a life of it's own. The amount and type of patina will depend on the environment of it's new home.

The Elephant's frame features stand-offs with an incorporated mounting bracket for secure and easy wall attachment.

Here's a short video which gives some idea of how light and perspective work with our stainless steel pieces.


Elephant_Stainless_Humdinger_Designs from Humdinger Designs on Vimeo.


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