Eternity Tree (Pure Copper)

$388.00 CAD

    Eternity Tree of Life in Pure Copper by Humdinger Designs.

    ~ Where the roots of our love become the branches of our future ~

    Inspired by the Eternal (Endless) Knot, an ancient symbol representing the interweaving of the Spiritual path, the flowing of Time, and Movement within that which is Eternal.

    This Eternity Tree is comprised of two paths, each woven into the other and each dependent upon the other, mirroring the union of two souls in true love.

    One path is knotted at the top of the tree leaving some room for the tree to grow, such as life is not fully defined.

    This tree is made from pure Copper sheet and has intentionally been left unsealed (no coatings) so that it will patina naturally over time, giving the piece a life of it's own. The amount and type of patina will depend on the environment of it's new home.

    Hand grinding, heating, and forming on each branch provides a rich texture and individual shape to each tree we make.

    This tree is shipped ready to install with built-in mounting bracket and stand-offs which space it away from the wall approximately one inch, providing depth and awesome shadow effects.

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