Maple Leaf

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Maple Leaf by Humdinger Designs

We make this gorgeous Maple Leaf from T-304 Stainless Steel or Cold Rolled Steel.  We polish and hand grind aesthetic elements into the metal prior to coloring.

Stainless Steel Version - The vibrant colors in this leaf are produced with heat alone, we don't add paints, chemicals, or coatings of any type.  The beauty comes from within the material.

Cold Rolled Steel - Like the Stainless version, these colors are produced with heat alone, there is no colored paint on these whatsoever. On this version we finish off with several coats of premium clear sealer to ensure long lasting beauty. This version is not as vibrant as the Stainless version, it's colors are a little more subdued. In less than ideal light conditions they will be even more subdued.

Shipped ready to install with an incorporated 1" stand-off complete with mounting bracket for easy wall attachment.

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