Ocean Scenes Individual Frames (Stainless Steel)

$199.00 CAD

Ocean Scenes Individual Frames in Stainless Steel by Humdinger Designs.

These frames, like our "Ventura" piece, are inspired by a recent and beloved visit to Ventura, California.  Each of these is cut from pure T-304 Stainless Steel and features hand grinding, forming, and polishing, as well as heat coloring. Since these are made entirely of Stainless Steel they are safe to install pretty much anywhere and will maintain their beauty through the years.

These could be used in a variety of ways.  I was initially thinking a set of three would be optimum with a Wind Swept Oak in each direction on either side of one of the wave variations.  They would also work great as individual pieces or as a set installed separately to maintain a theme in a space.  Plenty of options.

We ship these ready to install with built-in mounting brackets and stand-offs which space them away from the wall approximately one inch.