Seahorse (Set of Three)

$95.00 CAD

Seahorse by Humdinger Designs.

Here's a brief description of each version:

Heated Steel - Cut from cold rolled steel, hand polished, heat colored, and sealed.

Aluminum and Ocean Blend - These are cut from 5052 Aluminum, hand polished, detail ground, and sealed.

Stainless Steel - Cut from T304 Stainless Steel, hand polished, detail ground, and heat colored.  This version is not sealed and has no coatings.

As with all of our heat colored products: The more light that hits these pieces, the nicer they look.

This piece is shipped ready to install with built-in mounting bracket and stand-offs which space it away from the wall approximately 1".

Each individual Seahorse will be sized to match the option selected and the price is for a herd of three individuals.