Snowmobile Metal Wall Art

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Snowmobile Metal Wall Art by Humdinger Designs.

Love to get out on the mountain.....or know someone who does?  Rev up your wall space with one of our Snowmobile Sculptures.

We've got three combinations to choose from:  Stainless Steel over Dark Metallic, Pure Copper over Dark Metallic, and Steel over Polished Aluminum.

All versions feature hand polishing and detail grinding as well as heat coloring.  All are shipped ready to install with an incorporated 1" stand-off complete with mounting bracket for easy wall attachment.  The sled and rider are super imposed from the background by 1".

Stainless Steel - This version features a T304 Stainless Steel sled and rider over an aluminum background with dark metallic coating.

Copper - The sled and rider on the Copper version are cut from pure Copper sheet and has intentionally been left unsealed (no coatings) so that it will patina naturally over time, giving the piece a life of it's own. The amount and type of patina will depend on the environment of it's new home.  The background portion on this version is sanded, prepped, and covered with a premium dark metallic coating.

Steel - The Steel and Polished Aluminum version comes completely sealed in a premium clear sealer to maintain it's beauty through the years.  We have included a couple different photos of the steel version in order to show the effect light has on the heated steel.  Varying light sources will provide different looks from the steel.  The brightest colors are achieved with abundant natural light (the sun).





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