Tree of Life Metal Wall Art (Heated 2PC)

$377.00 CAD

Tree of Life by Humdinger Designs.

This handmade Tree of Life is a perfect gift for any occasion, and a unique and meaningful piece of art to enhance your own space.

The tree is made from cold rolled steel and features hand polishing, detail grinding, heat coloring in the foliage, and a hand painted trunk and root system.  Finally, all of this is fully coated with a premium clear sealer to promote longevity and keep the colors true over the years.

The background is made from 5052 Aluminum which has been sanded, polished, and sealed to protect it's look through the years and provide an appealing break between the tree and the surroundings in it's final installed location.

This piece is shipped ready to install with built-in mounting bracket and stand-offs which space it away from the wall approximately 1".  The tree itself is super imposed over the background by 1.25".

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